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Wade Willis - Whole Body Cryotherapy Expert of Tulsa

Wade Willis

As a Physical Therapist with over 10 years experience with a broad range of patients, I have the passion and knowledge to help keep your body healthy and active no matter what stage of life you are at through the use of whole body cryotherapy and compression. Cryo In Motion is dedicated to the improved and faster recovery of the high school athlete, seasoned athlete, weekend warrior, runner, biker, or dedicated gym rat through the reduction of muscle soreness and inflammation in order to return to your optimal performance of whatever sport or activity you enjoy the most.

Cryo In Motion is Tulsa’s first portable cryotherapy that can service the customer no matter where they are in the greater Tulsa area and was founded to help keep your body at the most optimal level so that you can be a step above the rest and feel your best during everyday activities or during sporting competitions. Cryo In Motion is located inside of Oklahoma Fit in Jenks to provide a comprehensive treatment approach that includes Cryotherapy, Normatec Compression, Cupping, and Kinesio┬áTaping.